Waltons 14″ Hand Tuneable Bodhran Light Frame | Mahogany


The baby of the T Series range of Hand Tuneable Bodhrans. Small, light, portable and easily tuned by hand, this bodhran is the perfect choice for those seeking a light and easily portable bodhran with all the tonal flexibity of a pro instrument.


With a handcrafted, ultra-durable, 4-times over-layered 4″ x 14″ frame, the T Series bodhran is manufactured using a highly-refined technique which has been developed by our Artisan bodhran makers over the last 40 years. The T-Series bodhrans guarantee a perfect balance of form and function, neatly tailored for the bodhran player on the move.


Our hand-picked, premium quality goatskins are indivdually hand treated using a unique combination of age old traditions and 21st century science which allows us to maximise the skin potential while preserving the tonal and performance characteristics that give each of our T Series bodhrans its own individual personality.


All of our T Series bodhrans use an innovative hand tuning system developed by Christian Hedwitschak and exclusively licensed to Waltons for our T Series bodhrans. This system uses hand-turned tuning pins unlike the more conventional Allen screw system that requires a tool to tune the bodhran. Not only does this mean you no longer need to always carry a tuning tool with you but it also allows your T Series bodhran to be lighter in weight and more genteel in construction.


An ideal bodhran for the serious beginner or younger player the T4144 will allow your playing to grow and develop to a very high standard without breaking the bank, or your back!

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